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How to Develop a Healthy Reading Habit

blur-books-clips-246521(Photo by Miguel Constantin Montes from Pexels)

March. The third month of the year, my birthday month, and the month to commemorate my most treasured activity – reading! 1 March saw us observing World Book Day.

World Book Day is one of my favourite days. Not only is it a day to celebrate what I love but it is also a day I reminisce a wonderful childhood spent curled up with a book in hand. While there are adults who discover reading in later years, after stumbling upon a genre they enjoy, the majority of bookworms have been reading since they were very young. A love for reading most often begins early. Just like a lot of other matters in childhood, reading must be encouraged gently and lovingly. I know this is easier said than done, especially with struggling readers.

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ADHD Awareness


I had the wonderful opportunity of conducting a workshop on ‘ADHD in Children and Adolescents’ at Learning Arc, Koramangala (Bangalore) on 13 December 2015. The centre which is owned and run by Ms Sima Bhushan saw a sizeable number of parents and teachers attend the workshop. Considering it was a Sunday morning the large group indicated the magnitude of the issue we have at hand and the importance of addressing it.  Continue reading “ADHD Awareness”

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Not Just Another Room

While there is definitely a growing awareness of learning difficulties, most schools in India do not provide additional support to children struggling with academic skills. Even if remedial classes are provided in school, special educators may not be adequately trained and are not equipped with teaching aids to deliver effective instruction. During these extra classes, teachers end up teaching the same lessons taught in classrooms in the same manner. However, the underlying deficits of the child are not systematically addressed. When schools are unable or unwilling to support children with academic difficulties, a recommendation of a ‘special’ school is made, which is more often than not, unnecessary. Continue reading “Not Just Another Room”